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Creative Photographer

Award winning photographer David Griffen runs a small but successful food photography studio.

Located in Hamilton, in the heart of Newcastle, the food and product photography studio is fully equipped with a good range of lighting and an ever-growing collection of props and backgrounds. The photography studio also has great natural light so is perfect for food photography shoots. As a result of his creative photography and animation, David is becoming a sort-after Newcastle based photographer.

Drop-off your food or products and David will supply you with creative and engaging photography and animation.

Get in touch with David on 0427705622 for a quick chat.

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Restaurant Animation and GIFs
Restaurant Animation and GIFs
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International experience, local focus

David specialises in producing creative and engaging content for local, national and global marketing campaigns.

With over 15 years experience shooting food and products for hospitality and lifestyle brands, David Griffen is a creative and resourceful photographer. David has photographed 15+ cook books and has broad experience with art direction and food styling.

He has built a strong client base in Newcastle, servicing local hospitality and producers. Local brands are now turning to David for food and product photography and animation.

David’s photography and animation increases engagement, therefore more clicks for your brand.

Call David now on 0427705622 for a chat about his rates.

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Content for R n R

Video and Animation Instagram Reels, a popular feature of Instagram, offers an opportunity for users to showcase their creativity and reach a broader audience through short, engaging videos. However, the success of Instagram Reels depends largely on the quality of the content produced. Professional video production, with its high-quality visuals, polished editing, and well-crafted storytelling, can elevate an Instagram Reel from being just another video to a standout piece of content that captures the attention of viewers and leaves a lasting impression. Investing in professional video production for Instagram [...]

Cocktail Video and Animation for Reels

Video and Animation Video and animation are powerful tools that can help increase social media engagement on Instagram Reels for a hospitality brand that specialises in cocktails. With the rise of short-form video content, Instagram Reels provides the perfect platform for brands to showcase their products in a creative and engaging way. By utilising eye-catching animations and visually appealing videos, hospitality brands can grab the attention of their target audience and create memorable experiences. In the case of cocktail brands, incorporating animations of cocktail-making processes or showcasing different cocktail [...]

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