In my mind Paul Ainsworth is a bloody legend.

I’ve been working with Paul for some time and it’s always a real pleasure to go back to either Number 6 or Rojano’s and shoot what they’re doing. The shoot I’ve just done was slightly different from normal, as rather than just shooting the delicious food they cook at his restaurants, I also had to shoot lots of portraiture of Paul and his lovely wife Emma.

We headed over to the Padstow Harbour and shot him very casually in situ. He wasn’t looking for anything too formal, and I think we really managed to capture a bit of Paul’s character. Paul isn’t one of the chefs whose name is on the door but is hardly ever in the kitchen: since Paul moved to Cornwall in 2006 he has put his heart and soul into his restaurants and has really become a member of the Padstow community, so shooting him in situ worked beautifully.

I also had the opportunity to shoot both the stunning food that’s available at Number 6 and the more family orientated offerings from Rojano’s in the Square. Both restaurants always produce really delicious looking food, but offer really different dining experiences, so it’s great fun to shoot in them as they both have something different to offer.

As always the teams at both restaurants were incredibly focused and very enthusiastic and really appreciative of how the images were looking. It’s always great when a photographer appreciates the food and the chefs appreciate the photography!

If you haven’t eaten at Number 6 then you’re really missing out on something. I love going there to eat, as they pride themselves on producing really unpretentious food out of local ingredients. Also, absolutely all the food they serve is created in their kitchen: including the bread and the chocolate truffles! Do yourself a favour and get there fast. Though I wouldn’t recommend turning up without a booking! Lovely stuff.