I’ve been working with the Watergate Bay Hotel for a few years now and I’m always excited to see what new projects they have on the go. Whenever they do something new, it’s always done incredibly well.

Their newest venture is Zacry’s. They have completely transformed the old Dining Room, which had very retro purple and green colour scheme and really didn’t fit with the vibe of the rest of the hotel at all! Worst of all, it didn’t make the most of the incredible location and views.

The new restaurant is named after Zacry’s Island – the square-ish rocky point at the south end of Watergate Bay Beach, which you can see from the restaurant’s windows. For me, the most exciting thing about Zacry’s is the charcoal grill they have in the kitchen. The flavor it adds to seafood is just incredible; cooking on gas just doesn’t produce the same kind of flavor at all.
Before I did the Zacry’s shoot Maria and I were lucky enough to be invited to the soft launch of the restaurant where we enjoyed an absolutely fantastic meal, which also gave me a really good idea of what to expect when I came to do the shoot.

The zinc topped tables in the restaurant, which also have little copper nails in the surface, give the place a really modern feel and, from a photographer’s perspective, they were the absolute perfect background to shoot some very tasty and very elegant cooking on.
One thing the designers really focused on was creating a dining area that really made the most of the view – the windows are absolutely massive – and this meant that I could shoot using the natural light streaming into the restaurant. The entire shoot was an absolute joy.

Zacry’s is the perfect complement to the Beach Hut, which is also owned by the hotel and situated right on the beach. They both share a really friendly vibe and are modern and relaxed. Perhaps more importantly, both restaurants really make the most of the amazing location. Watergate Bay is definitely my favorite beach in Cornwall, as it really reminds me of the beaches where I grew up in Australia. The hotel has definitely created a restaurant where you can enjoy great tasting seafood whilst looking out over what is, in my opinion, one of the best views in England.