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I signed the commercial lease on a space in Hamilton to create a Newcastle photography studio just before Covid hit, so when I lost all of my hospitality clients to lockdown it was sink or swim time. Luckily I had run a studio in Cornwall for many years, so knew what steps I had to take to make the studio a success.

Upstairs and tucked away from eclectic and sometimes crazy Beaumont St, the studio is spread out over several rooms including studio space, a meeting area, kitchen, office, work room and storage room.

I believe that, whenever possible, it is important to work in a space that inspires creativity. The studio decor has a rustic feel to it, with cement floors, and warm natural materials and colours. I construct and paint backgrounds, and occasionally have a dabble on a canvass when time permits (not often) so there are paint drips and splatters all over the floor in the meeting area.

Complete with a kitchen and a growing collection of props and backgrounds the studio is the perfect space to shoot food, products and animation. The studio is also a great space to collaborate with chefs to develop, style and capture recipes – something I used to do back in Cornwall, and something I am looking forwards to doing more of later this year for a selection of food and product clients.

Some of the clients who have used my Newcastle photography studio for photoshoots include Baked Uprising, Coco Nib, Doughheads and Dodoni.

Do you know a publisher, producer or food manufacturer who needs some beautiful photography, animation or recipe development? We would love to hear from you, feel free to call 0427705622 and visit for a coffee and a chat.

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“I believe that it is important to work in a space that inspires creativity.”

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