The Xperia XZ Premium from Sony

We have been using the Sony Xperia XZ Premium for about six months – and now that we are well into our road trip around Australia we though it was time to re-visit this blog post, as the Xperia has become our go-to camera when we are on the go – it is holding up well in the particularly harsh environment of life on the road in Australia.

The weather proof Xperia XZ with its super tough Gorilla Glass is holding up nicely to the punishing environment of living on the road, and due to the incredible results we are getting from the camera the Xperia is getting a good work out as we take it everywhere. We are still loving the the slow motion capabilities of the Xperia – 960 frames a second makes everything look awesome. Spending most days seeking out a swim has unlocked some great shooting possibilities with the weatherproof device.

We don’t suggest you take it for a swim in the Indian Ocean like we have been – but do hope you enjoy the recent content we have produced when testing the limits of mobile phone photography with the incredible Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

Previous Post, July 1 2017:

The Xperia XZ Premium from Sony might just be the best smartphone we have ever seen. Beautiful and robust design, a sleek aesthetic and packed full of enabling tech. From 4K video recording and display to Super slow motion footage – capturing life’s adventures at 960 frames per second.

Super slow motion sets Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium apart from anything that has come before, get the full spec here: Xperia XZ Premium

Water resistant, dust-proof and reinforced Gorilla Glass make it perfect for shooting stills and video when adventure-bound. A damaged screen, seen with many other leading brands of mobile phones, is yet to be seen with an Xperia.

The 5.5” 4K HDR display is also remarkable and with ultra-fast charging times and intelligent battery / power management, it’s the perfect device for travel. Enjoy immersive 4K HDR content and High-Resolution Audio on long train or plane journeys.

The Xperia XZ Premium has a very nice 19MP camera on board, with excellent Superior Auto and Manual shooting modes and is able to capture crystal clear video in 4K, with top-shelf sound quality.

We think the most exciting feature of this device is its Super slow motion capability – at up to 960 frames per second.

Not only is this feature ground breaking in a device this size, it is supremely useful when shooting food and travel.

As is the norm with capturing slow motion footage, you need good lighting to get a good result. Shooting in direct sunlight at the beach, we were able to capture some amazing results – water and dust resistance meant we were happy to take the phone into the surf to capture crashing waves.
The colours are bright and the contrast is good – the final footage can be edited on the phone to produce some striking results. It did prove a little tricky catching the decisive moment, but with a little persistence the result can be astonishing.

Everything looks better in Super slow motion and we think that the Xperia XZ Premium is a real game changer – get ready to see the internet flooded with a barrage of startlingly beautiful slow motion videos.

After using the device for a few weeks now, we have a few ideas on where the application of Super slow motion could be ideal – subjects where the motion to be captured is continuous or for a longer duration as opposed to a fleeting moment. For example a sparkler has a long duration to capture, whereas a cracker goes off quickly. Other subjects include: people dancing, liquids pouring, a bungee jump, a wheel spinning, water from a hose, waves in the ocean, a child blowing bubbles, people jumping off a sand dune.

Super slow motion sets Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium apart from anything that has come before, get the full spec here: Xperia XZ Premium