Product Animation for Social Media

David Griffen can produce eye catching animation on location, that engages your audience and holds their attention.

David Griffen has the experience and creativity to produce product animation on location during a hospitality shoot. The process of food and drink production, assembly and service lends itself to the creation of engaging and fun food and product animation. David Griffen uses studio lighting on location to create consistently high quality animation quickly.

cocktail and drink animation

restaurant food animation

social media gif animation

branded animation with your logo

Animation from the Studio.

David Griffen Photography has produced animation for over ten years for global and local brands.

Specialising in recipe and food animation, the kitchen studio in Newcastle is set up for creating clever animation quickly and affordably. David Griffen has worked on animation productions for international food brands such as Nestle and Dodoni, through to local and regional clients such butchers, cheese makers and brewers.

product and restaurant animation and GIFs

story boarding concepts

sourcing props and backgrounds

lighting and styling

capture and post production

editing and audio