Road Trip Around Australia

Internationally acclaimed food photographer David Griffen is embarking on a 12 month culinary tour of Australia – a family adventure celebrating the freedom of the road trip. David, his wife Maria and their two sons have mapped out a journey around the continent with the purpose of capturing something fresh, unique and engaging.

Over a period of twelve months, David will tour the country with his family in a caravan. Whilst exploring and capturing the vibrant Australian food scene, David will connect with both leading chefs and pioneering producers in some of the most stunning locations on the planet – producing an exciting new cook book and engaging digital content.

The foundations for this exciting adventure were laid in 2016. David made two trips to Australia to interview chefs, gain support for the project and shoot in some of Australia’s finest restaurants.


  • David Griffen is a UK-based food photographer returning home to Australia with his young family.
  • Embarking on a 12 month family road trip – an epic culinary tour of Australia (October 2017 –2018).
  • Engaged social media audience (20K food and lifestyle) based in the UK and Europe, with growing Australian interest.
  • Awarded Photography Blog of the Year in 2016 at the UK Blog Awards.
  • Maria Griffen has extensive experience in teaching English and Media Studies.
  • Won International Food Photographer of the Year in 2015 and shoots content for cookbooks, national press, apps and social media.
  • Previously created his own cook book celebrating new wave of food culture / South West’s top chefs (
  • A family story – their sons Charlie and Jack will be educated holistically whilst on the road.