New York City

I am alive with travel, new experiences, new people. Hooked on photographing new places – and discovering a story that unfolds with each shot. New locations, new light, new architecture, new faces – it’s food for the creative mind.

I was recently flown to Canada to present in the AGO Toronto for Terroir Symposium (epic event – read more about it here), and then headed on down to New York, to have my NYC cherry popped. Indeed – I had my mind blown – and the minute I landed in New York, I had decided to come back as soon as possible.

I only had a couple of days – but was travelling alone, with a full camera bag and my walking boots on. I shot a bunch of black and white film in an ongoing re-engagement with all things analogue, happy with the results, especially when used for close-up portraits. OK – camera geek time: I lugged around a lot of gear, including a Zeiss Otus 55mm and a Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 for the film camera (Nikon F6) and a bunch of Zeiss glass for the Sony a7ii, including the Loxia 50mm and 28mm Distagon 2.8 + Metabones adaptor. Loved shooting with both, but the bag got pretty heavy towards the end of the trip. To lighten the load I have since bought a Leica M6 (with a 35mm Summicron) for my travel kit (tested this one in Budapest recently, results to follow…).

The people I met on the street were fantastic, happy to have their picture taken and up for a chat, many fiercely individualistic. There is a swagger and a sway to this town; an undeniable energy that springs from its manic diversity. From a photographers perspective it’s procreant ground.