Sydney Fish Market

My dad is an abstract artist in Sydney, and growing up I would visit him from Adelaide every year. Later in life I lived in Sydney for a while when I worked for Kodak at the Sydney Olympics.

All of this time was spent in the Inner-West area of the city, places like Glebe and Leichhardt, directly across the water from the iconic Sydney Fish Markets.

The Sydney Fish Market is an absolutely incredible place to visit. It’s the largest seafood market in the Southern Hemisphere and, in terms of the variety it offers, it’s the third largest in the world. Seafood comes from Australia and all over the world and over 14 thousand tonnes of seafood are sold there every year, around 500 different species. It also has a cooking school, which has a really great reputation. It’s an incredibly busy place and absolutely bursting with life. As a food enthusiast it’s great just to wander and look at all the different kinds of seafood on offer, as well as to buy a few bits and pieces to cook up yourself.

Recently I was lucky enough to be shown around the Sydney Fish Markets by media liaison Kishani. We photographed the markets in progress, saw some freakily crazy fish and had a lovely lunch around the water of take-away oysters and calamari. It was a really special day, and I am looking forwards to heading back.